Measuring the amount of carbonate in ores.


Method - Finding the amount of Calcium Carbonate in an Ore, by using Hydrochloric acid. 

Equipment :                                                                                                           

Conical Flask

HCL 20ml for each sample of Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate ore sample (10g of each) -different 

percent of carbonate in each ore


Measuring cylinder

Control Variables:

The tempature of the HCL

Amount of HCL

Amount of Carbonate (g)

We will be changing the percent of carbonate in the ore.


Step 1)
                  Measure out the carbonate and acid
Step 2) 
       Fill the conical flask with your acid and add your carbonate sample(1g). Make sure to start the stopwatch as soon as you begin.
Step 3)
     The mixture should begin fizzing for a certain time. Stop the stop clock as soon as the bubbles stop.
Step 4)
      Record the time, in seconds, and record it in some format, presumibly a table.


This is a pretty simple method of measuring the amount of carbonate in a ore. It can be useful in many ways - and methods like these are especially helpful education-wise. Feel free to use this as your own. No copyright claimed. 

              -Meredith Smith